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Thoughts on Harry Potter

Two years ago when I got to the end of “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince,” the sixth book in the popular series, I was most annoyed. It was the first book in the series that didn’t stand out as a complete story on its own. It ended sadly and abruptly and left me hungry for the rest of the story. I couldn’t believe I had to wait for the next book to find out what happens.

I thanked ArmlessBear for not giving any spoilers away, and I won’t here either. But I just finished reading the final book in the saga, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” and I was not disappointed.

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Ryan Adams: Easy Tiger

Ryan Adams new disc, Easy Tiger, has been out for a few weeks now, and it’s been in heavy rotation for me. Prior to this CD, Ryan Adams was releasing music at a very quick pace (three hit and miss albums in about a seven month period). Adams and his band, the Cardinals, took their time with Easy Tiger (it’s been a year and a half since the last release), and the result is the most solid Ryan Adams disc since 2001’s Gold.

The albums starts off with “Goodnight Rose,” a rocking promise of the good music to come.

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Web developer toolbar tips

Like many other workers of the web, I’ve been using Firefox’s web developer toolbar for a long time.

Smiley Cat Web Design posts 10 Things You May Not Know About the Web Developer Toolbar. What a great list. Among the features I didn’t know:

  • Edit HTML: I use edit CSS all the time, but I had no idea you could edit the HTML. Sweet!
  • View Color Information: Get a complete list of colors (and their HTML codes) used on the site.
  • Display Element Information: View class, id, attributes, ancestors, position, etc. of any element.
  • And a bonus from the comments (more good tips there), CTRL-SHIFT-Y shows you the styles associated with an element.


Fireworks over Park Ridge Drive

This is a composite of three pictures I took of the Fourth of July fireworks. Taken from my front porch.

As an aside… I recently discovered my website settings were preventing web-based RSS readers from displaying the photographs I post. Now fixed.

A Lake Mendota weekend

Last night I went with some of my family to watch Rhythm & Booms from the other side of Lake Mendota (along Observatory Drive). The fireworks display was pretty good, and it was fun being outside on a beautiful evening. While listening to the radio before the show (the display is choreographed with music over the radio), we heard the announcer say it was the “largest annual event in Wisconsin.” I beg to differ.

Picnic Point on Lake Mendota

It was another gorgeous summer day today, so I returned to Mendota, and went for a long bike ride along the lake. One of my favorite places to ride in Madison is where the bike path runs along the lake shore in the middle of the U.W. campus.

I ended up biking for most of the afternoon. I stuck to the shore as best I could, riding through where the rich people live, and made it up to the northern side of the city.

After I got home, I decided it had to be one of the best rides I’ve done this year.