Monthly Archives: January 2008

Deserted island discs

It was a bit of a long day at work today. When I left and headed for the bus stop it was snowing — again. While waiting and riding on the bus, I listened to one of my favorite albums of all time, U2’s The Joshua Tree. That helped a lot to changed my mood. I thought about how good that albums is, and I was reminded of the old game, Deserted Island Discs. You probably know the drill: If you were castaway on a deserted island, which albums would you choose to have with you?

What better daydream to have in the middle of a cold and snowy wait for the bus, than being stranded in a tropical paradise with great music?

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The neti pot

Over the past month or so, I’ve had a sister, two coworkers, and a friend recommend that I try a neti pot to help with my sinus problems. I’ve heard of them before, but I couldn’t get past the idea of pouring liquid into my nostrils and letting it flow out the other side. With some symptoms of the endless cold I had caught still hanging on for dear life, I decided it was time for drastic measures. Several days ago I bought a neti pot.

When I got it home, I took the neti pot out of the box, read the instructions, prepared the solution, and hesitated. Did I REALLY want to pour liquid into my sinus cavities?

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Health Care 2.0 and the endless cold

I really don’t like to write “complaint posts” but there is a good part to this story, so I’m going to indulge myself.

I’ve had this cold for three weeks now, and boy am I getting sick of it (pun intended). That’s three weeks of coughing, blocked up sinuses, and a runny nose. Several other people I know have had the same virus (they’ve been sick for a long time too). When it got to be three weeks for me I contacted my doctor’s office, to ask if I should come in and get it checked out. After the on-call nurse assessed me, she didn’t think I needed to come in (no fever or any disgusting symptoms I’d rather not mention here). But the good part of the story is I decided to go online and email my doctor about it.

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