Health Care 2.0 and the endless cold

I really don’t like to write “complaint posts” but there is a good part to this story, so I’m going to indulge myself.

I’ve had this cold for three weeks now, and boy am I getting sick of it (pun intended). That’s three weeks of coughing, blocked up sinuses, and a runny nose. Several other people I know have had the same virus (they’ve been sick for a long time too). When it got to be three weeks for me I contacted my doctor’s office, to ask if I should come in and get it checked out. After the on-call nurse assessed me, she didn’t think I needed to come in (no fever or any disgusting symptoms I’d rather not mention here). But the good part of the story is I decided to go online and email my doctor about it.

Yes, you read that right. Sometime last year, my health provider began a new service where I can access all of my health information online. I can see my medical history, review my past and future appointments, schedule new appointments, get lab results, and even email physicians I’ve seen. So I sent off a quick message to my doctor telling him what’s been going on, what the nurse told me, and asked if he wanted me to come it.

A few hours later I got his response. He said to just keep doing when I’m doing (drink a lot of liquids, get plenty of rest, etc.). The last part of his reply is the punch line for this story (as in sucker punch). “Hang in there… It should improve, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes another two weeks.”

First of all, isn’t it great I can communicate with my doctor without having to play telephone tag? Very web 2.0. Second of all, two more weeks? [sigh]

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  1. We’re with you Jon. Hope today things are better. I echo the doctor – “Hang in there.” As some wise man once said, “This too shall pass away.” May it be sooner than later. Blessings.

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