I have many obsolete skills

I came across this list of obsolete skills. Reading it just makes me feel old. Some of the more ancient skills I possess:

  • Adjusting a television’s vertical and horizontal holds
  • Adjusting the levels for recording to audio tape
  • Balancing the tone-arm on a turntable
  • Changing the C120 film cartridge in an Instamatic camera (yes, I had one)
  • Editing audio tape with a razor blade and splicing block (video tape too!)
  • Typing in code for “freeware” programs from a computer magazine
  • Using Gopher (the early days of the internet before the world-wide-web)
  • Loading data from a cassette tape (my first computer, an Atari 800 had a tape drive)
  • Punching a hole in the shell of a single-sided 5.25″ floppy disc to make it double-sided (I even owned a special hole-punch for this)
  • Rewinding an audio cassette using a pen or pencil
  • Ripping the little holes off the sides of continuous feed computer paper
  • Setting a baud rate, parity and stop-bits
  • Setting up a modem using AT commands
  • Switching a cars headlights to high beams by stomping a button on the floor
  • Using a flash cube (on my Instamatic camera, of course)

All now useless bits of information, just taking up brain cells…

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