Land of blue smoke

Shaconage, the Cherokee name for the area of the Smoky Mountains means “land of blue smoke.”

Mountaintop view with sunlight beams

View from Newfound Gap

At Newfound Gap (above) the blue smoke (actually haze caused by moisture and organic compounds from the lush vegetation) was very apparent.

View from Morton Overlook

The views at Morton Overlook (above and below) were probably the most spectacular I saw at the park.

View from Morton Overlook

The hiking trail to the top of Clingmans Dome, the highest spot in the Smokies, also offered awe inspiring views (below). Unfortunately, the higher I got, the more the haze prevented me from taking decent photographs.

View going up Clingmans Dome

Sometimes though, it’s good to put the camera down and just look.

Mountain peak

Even when the mountainsides were fairly close, such as the Chimney Tops (below) the haze was very noticeable.

Chimney Tops

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  1. Hi Jon,
    I didnt know about the blue smoke and why they call them the Smokey Mountains. That’s pretty interesting. Reminds me of some of the mountains I saw in India.
    It is real hot here in Mpls. today. Running the air conditionaing all day and I still feel hot. Just makes me move slower. Hope you are doing ok there in mad city.

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