Cowboy Junkies: Trinity Revisited

For the album Trinity Revisited, the Cowboy Junkies celebrated the 20th anniversary of their classic release, The Trinity Session by revisiting Toronto’s Church of the Holy Trinity to see “what twenty years of experience would bring to those same set of songs.”

Not simply a rerecording, the songs are re-imagined and improved, featuring performances by guest musicians Natalie Merchant, Ryan Adams, Vic Chesnutt and Jeff Bird. The track that really grabbed me on the first listen is the bluesy shuffle, “I Don’t Get It” (which is available as a free download from the Trinity Revisited website).

I Don’t Get It by Cowboy Junkies (mp3 from the band’s website)

“Misguided Angel” features the beautiful voice of Natalie Merchant, and is another outstanding track. It’s also a better representative sample of the low-key nature of the music on the disc.

sample of Misguided Angel by Cowboy Junkies (mp3)

The music however, is only half the beauty of this release. Packaged along with the CD, is a DVD that includes a film of all the musical performances, and a documentary on the making of Trinity Revisited. The concert film was beautifully shot, showcasing the unique setting of the church, as well as the musicianship of the performers. Watching it, you really get a sense of how much the musicians were getting into the music as they played.

Trailer for Trinity Revisited

By providing insight into the creative process the musicians went through, the “making of” documentary adds even more to this excellent package. I particularly enjoyed the scenes when they were experimenting with sounds which wound up being performed in the final version of the songs. The documentary also includes an interesting background of Toronto’s Church of the Holy Trinity, the building where this music (and the original classic album) was created.