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Internet Librarian always sounded like a real interesting conference, and I’m fortunate to be able to attend this year’s edition. The conference for me began with one of the preconference workshops, Web Manager’s Academy; Redesign 2.0. The session featured four librarians presenting several informative talks throughout the day. The two presentations I found the most useful were ?User Experiences? which covered engaging website users and enhancing their experience, and ?Usability Research? which included things like preference testing, affinity mapping, and task-based testing.

Some other interesting tidbits I learned:

Have a ?prenup? when deciding on a content management system. Should a ?divorce? occur, will you be able to export your data and use it with another CMS? An exit strategy is just as important as the choice of which CMS to use.

SWOT analysis can be useful for website design (I knew how valuable it was for other things, but never considered using it for web design).

It could be much more efficient, and less daunting if a website redesign is rolled out in phases, instead of having a long gestation period until the completed site is ?born.? The current trend in web redesign is for constant improvement, although sometimes a complete tear down is necessary.

Project management tools and techniques can be very useful, if not essential to a successful redesign.

Finally, a few links from the presenters list of recommended resources:

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  1. This seems like one of the better conferences Jonathan, and perfect for you. I am glad that you are blogging it. I really want to continue to hear all the highlights.

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