New house tour

Today was the inspection for the house I’ve agreed to buy. I thought it would be a good idea to shoot some pics while I was there with the inspector.

house exterior

The inspector found no big surprises, although I discovered the garage was in a little worse shape than I originally thought.

house exterior

living room

The house faces south, letting in a lot of sun on clear, cold winter days. There’s also a fairly big tree in front of the house, which should provide some shade in the summer.

dining room

The kitchen is what needs the most work. Cabinets and counter look to be original to the 50 year old house. I’m thinking about creating a large opening above where the stove is, with maybe a buffet counter out to the dining room.


To the right of the below photo, is a blank wall (where you could put a kitchen table). I’m thinking I should move the stove over there, add some additional cabinets, and install a dishwasher where the stove is.


The bathtub and surrounding tile also need some attention. You can see water damage there.


The back of the house has three bedrooms. Larger ones in each corner, and a smaller one in the middle that would make a great home office.


After getting another good look at the house, I’m anxious to move. I suppose I’d better start packing.

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  1. Looks like a great house. Water-damaged bathrooms are a mess though, but we can recommend an excellent guy who does bathrooms quickly and for a very reasonable price.

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