I has internet

Monday I was FINALLY hooked up with phone service at my house, and yesterday my DSL modem arrived!

i'm in ur internets cloggin ur tubes

That was 19 days I went without having internet access at home. I don’t think I’ve gone more than a week without some kind of online access since my days of connecting to computer bulletin board systems on my Atari 800XL computer. And talk about broadband, that was with a state-of-the-art, 300 baud modem. Yes, I am old.

Being without home internet access for so long made me realize how much it’s a part of my everyday activities: reading the online news in the morning with a cup of coffee, using it to find phone numbers, getting a quick map, listening to new music streams, and just keeping up with friends and family. I almost felt like I had lost one of my senses.

One comment on “I has internet

  1. Yeah, you don’t realize how useful it is until it’s gone. My modem was borked the other day and I was without access for about a week. My book reading increased during that week though, so there is something to be said for not being connected sometimes.

    I think it’s hard for me to unplug. I could fire up a browser in the morning for news and have it open all day, listening to Pandora or noodling around the web. Unplugging can be good, just not for too long. 😉

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