On yard work

brush pile in front of house

One of the things I was a little concerned about when I bought my house last March, was the fact that I’d have to do yard work.

Since I moved away from my parent’s house many years ago, I’ve been living in apartments and condominiums where all that was done for me. But the idea of sharing walls with other people (especially bad neighbors) was something I was growing pretty tired of. That was actually one of the major reasons I moved last spring.

I’ve been living in my house for almost seven months now. This afternoon I spent several hours working in the yard, most of which was devoted to taming a group of overgrown lilac bushes. While I was doing that, I thought about the time I spent working in the yard since last spring. I’ve come to the conclusion that the yard work really isn’t all that bad and definitely not worth paying condo association fees (or extra rent) to have someone else do it for you.

Like many things at this fixer-upper of a house I bought, much of the yard has been neglected over the past few years, and it’s taken some work to get it back in shape. In April I did some trimming of shrubs and trees, but it’s been apparent to me lately I didn’t do nearly enough, especially to those huge lilacs. Some of them were so overgrown they had six to eight inch wide trunks. As you can see in the photos I cut them way back. They were several feet higher than my neighbor’s fence, wide enough that they were rubbing against the house (right side in the top photo), and so thick you couldn’t walk through to the backyard on that side.

lilac stumps

By the way, that thick trunk in the bottom photo is a nice maple tree. The top photo shows most of that tree (on the right side of the house). Maples usually show deep colors in the fall, and I’m sure that’ll look great when the leaves turn color soon. In fact, that small section of the yard is a nice microcosm of the whole property I bought. It needed some work, but there are a lot of nice aspects to the place that really shine once you get it fixed up.

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  1. Score another one for getting your dwelling and acreage in shape. Besides making the yard look better, and that feeling of pride of ownership, I’m sure the outdoor work also contributes to good exercise and keeping you in shape. Right?
    Right! Job well done.

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