Ghosts of Madison past (part 2)

More pictures from my tour of Madison history.

restaurant in former church

Church or Italian restaurant?

restaurant in former church

It’s pretty obvious there is a former brass factory below.

bike bath along former brass factory

But do the bicyclists and skaters realize they’re riding with the ghosts of railroad trains that once passed over the same trail?

dilapidated brick facade

There’s been talk of turning the former Garver Feed & Supply Company (above and below) into an arts incubator.

failing roof and graffiti tagged building

The spirit of an old tree is my favorite Madison ghost. It’s a bronze casting of a sculpture created by Ho-Chunk artist Harry Whitehorse. It was made from a storm damaged hackberry tree that once sat on this spot.

The sculpture’s face looks out over an ancient effigy mound (where the tall native grass grows in the above photo). The shores of Madison’s lakes are home to many more ghosts — over twenty effigy mounds which can be found on public lands.

Effigy Tree sculpture