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Hello again Lake Superior

Halfway through my camping vacation, I left northern Wisconsin and drove up to Porcupine Mountain State Park, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. As soon as the highway I was on hit the coast of Lake Superior, I stopped at the nearest picnic spot and hiked along the beach.

Lake Superior shore

It was a beautiful day, with a wonderfully cool breeze coming off the lake. I felt as if the lake were welcoming me back. I hadn’t seen Lake Superior in at least six years. It was so good to be walking along its shore again.

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Trees down

One afternoon while I was camping, major thunderstorms were being predicted. As I listened to the radio and heard reports of the storms moving across the state (which included tornado warnings for counties in the storm’s path), I decided I didn’t want to be at my campsite when the storm came through, and headed to town for supper. After supper I hung out in town for a few hours as torrential rains and very strong winds hit the area. Once the storm warnings were over I drove back to camp.

trees down along road

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Common loons

One of my favorite things about northern Wisconsin (where I just returned from camping) are the common loons that spend the summers there.

common loon

They’re beautiful and kind of elusive. They don’t like to get close to humans at all. But I was armed with a new telephoto lens I bought several months ago, and was determined to get some decent shots.

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