Eagle watching

I went eagle watching along the Wisconsin River today.

bald eagle soaring with jet in background

I had no idea the jet was in the frame with the above bald eagle, until I got home.

eagle perched on island

The view of the river and bluffs from downtown Prairie du Sac is quite scenic. Can you see the three bald eagles perched on the island? That’s one of their favorite hangouts.

immature bald eagle

I saw a lot of immature bald eagles like the one above.

bald eagle catching fish

Though not the best photo, this last shot was the best one I was able to take of an eagle fishing.

4 comments on “Eagle watching

  1. Good day for photos. Neat to catch the jet in the photo with the eagle. Liked the three eagles in the trees on the island – reminds me of what I saw the last time I was there. Fun photos. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You got great shots on bald eagles.
    I found that I already miss beautiful snowy winter in Wisconsin.

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