Monthly Archives: March 2011

Democracy doesn’t end on election day

protester holding sign

I really should stop looking at reader comments on news websites. The vitriol posted by some people makes me wonder how the human race has survived this long. But the most frustrating are the comments along the lines of one I saw today:

“The election was last November. Get over it, and honor the democratic process!”

Our duties as citizens in a democracy don’t stop after we cast our ballot. We are obligated to stay in contact with our representatives and let them know how we feel they should lead. Anyone who thinks their responsibilities are over after election day does not understand the principles of a representative democracy.

To the elected leaders of my beloved State of Wisconsin: As it is the citizens’ duty to speak out, it is your duty to listen and represent us — all of us, not just the ones who voted for you. Hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin citizens are speaking out. Listen up!