Just another Saturday in Madison

Another Saturday, another protest rally. This time we marched along with Veterans for Peace in opposition of Governor Walker’s budget proposals.

veterans protesting

veterans protesting

The below sign says it all.

protest sign

$1 million to keep one soldier in Afghanistan for one year. 150 soldiers home closes Wisconsin’s current budget deficit. End the war on workers. Bring our war money home.

veterans protesting

A beautiful Wisconsin day? It certainly is.

2 comments on “Just another Saturday in Madison

  1. Sure like the black and white effect. Looks like the crowd wasn’t as great as previous Sat., but a strong statement nevertheless. My favorite photo – one showing the crowd with capitol in the distance down State St.

  2. Good photos Jon! Love the black and white. Here in Minnesota we have lots of white! Snow that is. I wish it would go away!
    Had to shovel my driveway again today hopefully for the last time. Driving in the city is a mess of snow with all the pot holes to boot! It will be gone by next week! Yey! the days are getting longer again! Happy Spring and many long sunny days with lots of green pastures!

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