Three generations of Bloy fathers

On this Father’s Day, after Dad and I went out for brunch, we went back to his apartment where he showed me some of the genealogy he’s been working on, including these wonderful pictures. I grabbed copies of them with my phone’s camera. First is the college graduation photo of my father, Wilmer Bloy (class of 1953). He was 25.

Wilmer Bloy

Below is my grandfather Theodore Bloy. We’re guessing he was 18-20 when it was taken. Does he look like anyone you know?

Theodore Bloy

I very much see my own face (especially when I was younger) in this photo of young Theodore. Similar eyes, similar mouth, similar jawline. I never knew my grandfather, he passed away two years before I was born. Those who believe in reincarnation might have something interesting to say about our similar looks.

Frederick Bloy

The last photo is my great grandfather, Frederick Bloy, who immigrated to the United States in 1874.

4 comments on “Three generations of Bloy fathers

  1. Thanks so much for posting photos of 3 generations of us
    Bloys. It’s great to have photos like this of our roots.
    Hope the rest of the family sees them.

  2. What great family photos! Thanks for posting them it’s great
    to see them, The resemblance is certainly there with you and
    Grandpa Bloy. Hope your summer is going well

  3. Just saw these for the first time. What wonderful photos! How do I get copies electronically? Thanks, Jonathan!

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