Monthly Archives: January 2014

Winter robins

Up until last week, I assumed that robins did not spend winter in Wisconsin. Last Saturday I was walking through the outdoor space at Olbrich Botanical Gardens when I saw a flock of about 15-20 birds hanging around a large tree.

robins perched on a tree in winter

I first noticed them in the upper branches, backlit by the bright sky. From that vantage point, they looked like starlings. However, as I got closer I discovered they were actually robins.

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Living below zero

Madison is in the middle of at least a two day stretch of below zero temperatures. Last night the low was -18 (fahrenheit), and the high today was -11. One of the things I find amazing during brutally cold stretches like this, is the ability of small creatures to survive.

American Tree Sparrow

It’s incredible to me that a small bird, like this American Tree Sparrow, manages to stay warm enough to get through these bitter cold days and nights. Another one of nature’s miracles.