Steam special

Front of C&NW steam engine 1385

Chicago & North Western engine 1385, heading the Prosperity Special in the spring of 1982.

C&NW steam engine 1385 heading the train

1385 was originally built in 1907, and is now owned by the Mid-Continent Railway Museum in North Freedom. This train was sent out in 1982 as a promotional tool for the railroad.

Side view of C&NW steam engine 1385

What a magnificent machine.

C&NW steam engine 1385 approaches on the tracks

These photos were taken near the St. Francis, Wisconsin tower (which is to the left of the train in the above photo). They were originally slides I took with my Fujica STX-1 film camera.

For more info on 1385 and some of the special trains it headed, see Chicago and North Western Steam Specials Remembered, from