Solar eclipse 2017

solar eclipse seen through clouds

When I saw the forecast for Madison (cloudy skies with a chance for storms) I was disappointed. Hoping for the best, I headed to a nice open spot (Olbrich Park) about 30 minutes before peak.

I arrived at the park, and noticed the heavy clouds were moving off with lighter cloud cover coming behind them. I got out my solar glasses and sure enough, the clouds were thin enough to see the eclipse!

Park with cloudy skies above

Once in a while a few thicker clouds moved though, filtering the sunlight enough so I could shoot some photos directly. I did not have a solar filter for my camera and was planning to take some photos of shadow effects that happen. The light wasn’t strong enough for those, but I never thought I’d be able to shoot the eclipse directly! The below shot was taken about five minutes before peak (which was 85% in Madison).

solar eclipse seen through clouds

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  1. Thanks for photos of eclipse. Especially liked the one where just a faint cloud cover is visible – can almost sense clouds moving across the eclipse – which makes the photo all that more unique. As brief as it was – it was a great moment in 2017 history.

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