Cave Point

Trees over limestone ledges with cave pools along the lake

I’m often surprised by discovering or hearing about spots I’ve never seen, in places I regularly visit. A friend told me about Cave Point County Park in Door County (located just north of Whitefish Dunes State Park), and I made a point of checking it out when I was vacationing there last week.

I’m told when the waves are high, and they hit the caves and inlets along the lake, it sends water shooting straight up like a geyser. Lake Michigan was fairly calm when I visited, although in the above spot, you could hear a very deep and resonant “ka-thump,” as each wave hit the limestone.

Trees over limestone ledges along the lake

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  1. Rock formations with sky blue water in the background/on the side along with a bit of a green inlet pond reflecting the tall green trees – makes for an interesting 4 item photo that’s well balanced and says a lot about the site. Good nature photography. Thanks for posting.

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