Maintaing distance, outside

Jonathan Bloy taking a selfie on a prairie trail next to a bison sculpture

Some popular Wisconsin and National parks have seen crowds of people lately, making it difficult to maintain that social distancing during the current pandemic. Hoping to avoid that, I took advantage of the nice day by driving to a lesser known spot, New Glarus Woods State Park.

There was definitely more people than I would expect to see on a normal, early Spring Saturday, but it wasn’t crowded at all. As you can see I even kept my distance from the sculpture on the Bison Nature Trail.

Hiking trail leading uphill in the woods

I can only hope that people are smart about visiting the parks, or soon those will be shut down too.

One comment on “Maintaing distance, outside

  1. Liked your selfie. Bison sure looks real. Your prediction was right – parks are now closed because people haven’t been following self-distancing- sad.

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