A new year’s eagle

Bald eagle perched in a tree looking to the right

I was hiking Governor’s Island in Madison yesterday when a bald eagle swooped over my head and landed on one of the trees along the shore.

Close up of a bald eagle's head in profile

The eagle hung out on the tree, looking over the lake shore for a LONG time. Consequently, I took a took a lot of photos.

Bald eagle perched in a tree looking to the left with wind blown feathers

Seeing the wind ruffle their feathers made me notice I was feeling cold from lack of moving, so I thanked the eagle and left. As I hiked back to my car I felt very fortunate to have such a great wildlife sighting. I also took it as a hopeful sign for the start of a new year.

Bald eagle perched in a tree looking down

2 comments on “A new year’s eagle

  1. Great close up photo of eagle. Reminded me of recent read about DNR counting eagle nests in Wisconsin, and that they are more numerous then ever. So glad they have made a comeback.

  2. I agree, thanks to policies like the Endangered Species Act, increases in bald eagle population in Wisconsin are a welcome sight. I’ve heard there have been nesting pairs here in the Madison area for a while now. Thanks for the comment!

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