Biking Vilas County

A bike path through a grove of tall pine trees. A bike's handlebars are in the foreground.

Take a ride with me on the Heart of Vilas County Trail.

A small pine tree in front of a lake lined with trees and foliage.

When I was in northern Wisconsin last week, I went on a 34 mile ride on this trail.

A bicycle leans against a wooden fence alongside a path.  Behind the fence is a lake with pine trees and wildflowers along the shore.

A winding paved path leads through a section of tall trees.

I ride it whenever I’m in the area (usually once-a-year). With its awesome scenery and paved surface, it’s turning into my favorite bike trail.

A thick section of tall pine trees on both sides of a small creek.

A lone bicyclist rides on a paved path which is along side a gravel road. Trees line the road and appear in the background.

4 comments on “Biking Vilas County

  1. Thanks for taking me along on your heart of Vilas County Trail. Enjoyed all photos, but liked the one after the handle bars picture the best.

  2. Wow! What an amazing bike ride. Thanks for sharing it so that I could enjoy the ride too!

  3. Thanks for the comment Chris! The folks who created this trail up have done a fantastic job. It’s just over 50 miles long right now, and I’ve learned they’re working on extending it.

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