Cloud watching

Wispy clouds with a golden tint, above a building.

Watching clouds evolve can be a fascinating experience. The most beautiful, in my opinion, are cirrus clouds, especially those around sunset or sunrise.

An array of dark clouds over a lake. In the foreground sailboats are moored to a pier jutting from the shore.

Stormy weather can bring its own share of cloud beauty. This was the sky over Lake Monona prior to a thunderstorm the other day.

2 comments on “Cloud watching

  1. Just scrolled through some of your recent photos. All a delight to the eye, but especially the one with the sunset accentuating the designs of the cloud. It reminded me to “look Up” and see the beauty, so often missed because I’m always looking down. Thanks for all photos. Makes my day.

  2. There certainly is a lot of beauty out there, if we just remember to look (something I need to remind myself of). Thanks for the kind words.

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