Wilco at the Sylvee

Six musicians performing on a stage bathed in blue light. A decorative banner with the word 'WILCO' is behind them.

On Friday night I saw the band Wilco perform at The Sylvee here in Madison. Wilco is one of my favorite bands, this was the eighth show of theirs I’ve been to. Every concert I’ve seen them perform has ALWAYS been fantastic, and Friday night was no exception.

A music venue crowded with people, watches a band perform on stage under many small red and white spot lights.

Friday’s show was also the third indoor concert I’ve been to this year, and the third one since 2019 (before the pandemic). After not attending indoor events with a lot of other people for so long, it still feels kind of weird doing that. Friday’s concert was sold out, and was the most crowded indoor place I’ve experienced since COVID-19 showed up — adding to those weird feelings. I did wear a mask while I was there (maybe about 10 percent of the other people did as well). Let’s hope that people are being smart about things, and the latest booster vaccines will keep things in check.

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