The Forevertron

Scrap metal sculpture of an egg shaped cage in the middle with two 'thruster arms' emanating from the cage toward the ground.  At the bottom is a line up of a number of circular metal rings.

The Forevertron is the massive sculpture from Dr. Evermor that is the centerpiece of the park. According to the artist, he designed the Forevertron to launch himself, “into the heavens on a magnetic lightning force beam.”

A telescope-shaped object above a winding ramp made of other scrap metal pieces.

My favorite part of the Forevertron is “Tyco’s Telescope,” which was designed for doubting Thomases to track the Doctor’s progress. It’s so cool looking… I want to have a copy made and installed in my yard. Actual size, of course!

A telescope on a platform, pointed toward the sky. Two smoke stacks stand tall next to the telescope.

The egg shaped centerpiece of the sculpture is seen in the distance. In the foreground a large metal 'C' shaped object with eyes near the top.

Various objects from the large scrap metal sculpture are seen behind a winding metal ramp in the foreground.

That man sure had a wonderfully creative imagination!

A wide view of the Forevertron sculpture.

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