The djembe drum

Close up of the middle section of a djembe drum. Colorful blue tuning ropes are at the top, and you can see some of the wood carvings in the drum's base.

For just over two years now, I’ve been drumming and playing percussion again. Previously, I hadn’t done that since my early college days. I’ve been enjoying it so much that about a month ago, I decided to upgrade my main instrument. It’s such a beautiful drum!

Looking down from the top of a djembe drum. It has a goat skin drum head, with some fur on the side where the skin falls over the edges. Blue vertical ropes run down the length of the drum's top.

What a difference it makes, playing a high quality drum, handmade by skilled artisans like the craftsmen at Wula Drum. It sounds as fantastic as it looks.

The base of a djembe drum with ornate, geometric shapes carved in the wood.

Wula Drum’s instruments are made in West Africa (where the djembe originated), in the traditional way by local artisans, who are paid a sustainable wage.

A full view of a goblet-shaped djembe drum, with blue tuning ropes and ornate carvings in the wood of its base.

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