Orchid Escape

An orchid with white spotted petals on the top and reddish-brown petals on the bottom, stands before a blurry background of leaves.

The orchid display at Olbrich Botanical Gardens is is just the ticket for the February blahs.

Close up of a deep red orchid with darker stripes on the petals and a white center.

Four pink orchids with water droplets on their petals. They're growing from a vertical branch in front of some green leaves.

The theme this year is “Rise of the Angiosperm” which focuses on the first flowering plants (including proto-orchids) that appeared during our planet’s Cretaceous Period. The display includes faux dinosaur skeletons.

A group of purple orchids blossoming in front of what looks like a dinosaur skull.

Close up of a yellow orchid covered with water droplets. It has a very luminous red center.

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