The falls of Pattison State Park

Two waterfalls flow from granite rocks into a pool of water surrounded by sunlit trees.

I spent most of last week in northwest Wisconsin, and one of my main goals was to see some of the waterfalls in the area. First stop: Pattison State Park.

A wide angle photo of a waterfall on one side, which flows into a river leading off the other side of the image. Large trees line the shore of the river.

Pattison is home to Little Manitou Falls, seen in the first two photos here.

A tall waterfall going down a tree covered gorge, as seen from the gorge's opposite side.

Big Manitou Falls (also in Pattison State Park) is the highest waterfall in Wisconsin at 165 feet. To get a sense of scale here, I took the below photo from the viewing platform seen in the upper-left quadrant of the photo above.

Looking down at a large waterfall. Trees and granite rocks line the gorge next to the waterfall.

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  1. Enjoyed seeing rushing water splashing over rocks from Pattison park. Thanks for sharing part of your vacation sights

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