Monthly Archives: June 2003

Summerfest, reggae and diversity

It’s the middle of Summerfest (one the the world’s biggest music festivals) and I’ve already been to some excellent concerts. The two that stand out so far are Peter Gabriel (as you would expect, his show was good both theatrically and musically) and Lucky Dube (a reggae singer from South Africa).

At Lucky Dube’s concert last night, a thought struck me in the middle of the show. Whenever I’m at a reggae show the audience is always the most diverse of all the concerts I go to. You seem to see all ages, races and if I may be presumptuous, even income classes. When you’re grooving to the music with such a diverse crowd, you begin to wonder why it is so difficult for all of us in this world to get along with one another.

Old Rusty or Old Faithful?

It’s now officially summer here at my house. That means warm and muggy air. But, my condo is cool! That’s right, my 16 year old central air conditioner with a rusty grill, still works! But perhaps I should start at the beginning of this story…

Before I signed the papers to become thirty years in debt, the home inspector was here and he told me the air conditioning unit was manufactured in 1987 (about the same time my condo was built). Unfortunately he was not able to test it because the weather at that time was too cool. Ever since then I was convinced as soon as temperatures got hot, I would find out Old Rusty was ready for the scrap yard and I would have to spend thousands of dollars on a new air conditioner. When I got home from work today it was pretty warm in my place. So I crossed my fingers, set the thermostat and moved the switch to cool. Cool is what I got.

Hopefully I won’t jinx Old Rusty and put him in an early grave by posting this.

Dances With Wolves

I recently picked up the special edition DVD of my favorite movie, Dances with Wolves, which was just released a few weeks ago.

Why is it my favorite? Well, first there’s the American Indian aspect of the story. There is an air of authenticity to the way the movie portrays the Lakota People (right down to the Indians speaking the Lakota Language). I also enjoy the theme of the main character (John Dunbar, a.k.a. Dances With Wolves). He seems to be struggling with the question that so many of us also wonder about: to find out who he really is. His discovery begins when he starts to encounter the Indian People. Through that discovery, he does seem to get his question answered.

What’s so special about the new special edition DVD? It includes scenes originally cut from the theatrical release. The movie now clocks in at about four hours. Yes it’s a long movie, but the formerly deleted scenes do bring essential background and character development that I think is critical to the story. The two disc set also includes a few extra features, including a documentary on the making of this Academy Award winning film.

Do yourself a favor and check out Dances With Wolves.