Dances With Wolves

I recently picked up the special edition DVD of my favorite movie, Dances with Wolves, which was just released a few weeks ago.

Why is it my favorite? Well, first there’s the American Indian aspect of the story. There is an air of authenticity to the way the movie portrays the Lakota People (right down to the Indians speaking the Lakota Language). I also enjoy the theme of the main character (John Dunbar, a.k.a. Dances With Wolves). He seems to be struggling with the question that so many of us also wonder about: to find out who he really is. His discovery begins when he starts to encounter the Indian People. Through that discovery, he does seem to get his question answered.

What’s so special about the new special edition DVD? It includes scenes originally cut from the theatrical release. The movie now clocks in at about four hours. Yes it’s a long movie, but the formerly deleted scenes do bring essential background and character development that I think is critical to the story. The two disc set also includes a few extra features, including a documentary on the making of this Academy Award winning film.

Do yourself a favor and check out Dances With Wolves.