Monthly Archives: July 2003

A friend with six strings

Earlier this week I got together with an old friend I’ve been neglecting, my guitar. It was the first time I took it out of its case since I moved to my condo last October. Since then I’ve had it out on four different days and thanks to Tab Robot (a search engine for guitar tabs and music), I’ve even learned to play some new songs.

Many years ago I went through some personality testing when I had consulted a career counselor. After examining the test results, one of the things she told me was that I needed to be involved with music in some way or I would not be happy. Having my guitar in my hands this week reminded me how important making music is. It’s funny how when your life is busy and hectic, you can actually forget about the things that make it worth living.

NCA Wisconsin

NSC Wisconsin screenshot

Today I unveiled my latest web creation. It’s a site for the Wisconsin Region of the National Cathedral Association.

If you’re interested in a brief description of how I created it, take a look at my portfolio on

Update: February 9, 2007
As of today, the domain no longer exists. Information about my web development work can be found on my resume.

A great American band

Last night at Summerfest, I saw what could be the quintessential American band, Wilco. Wilco’s musical mix of rock, folk, country and even punk at times can resonate with an almost magical quality. Both the slow, quiet songs and the loud rowdy songs had this quality last night. The tunes that stood out for me were “Monday,” “War On War” and “Misunderstood.” The band also played some excellent new songs last night (which I hope will be on their next CD).

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