Monthly Archives: March 2004

Always look on the bright side

I generally think of myself as a positive person. Although lately I’ve found myself giving things a bit of a negative spin. It is so easy to get sucked into that deep pit of negativity. At first you let some little thing make you grumpy, then another and the next thing you know you’re grumpy at the whole world. When you have that negative attitude, you begin to see everything that happens to you in a bad light. I’ve known people that always seem to look to the negative. If they find twenty dollars, they’ll complain because they really needed the extra money last week. If you make a comment about how nice the weather is, they will tell you it’s supposed to rain tomorrow. Even worse is the fact that negativity can also be contagious. Hang around negative people long enough and you start to be negative yourself.

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The giggles

There was a cute little girl (about two years old) at the library today who had a delightful case of the giggles. I think one of my favorite sounds in this world is that of a child’s laughter. It’s such a pure, innocent and joyful sound that we adults have long lost. Even if you’re having a bad day, hearing such a sound can do wonders for lifting your spirits. I was glad I was around to hear that little girl’s giggles today.

Daylight again

Today while I drove home from work I saw the most beautiful sunset. The sun was just above the horizon and was shining with a gorgeous, golden-orange hue. It’s great to see the sun after I get out of work again. The worst part of winter for me is when my workday ends at 5pm and night has already brought its dark shadow upon the landscape. Seeing the sunset today reminded me that I made it through the darkest period of winter. Another month or two and I can start thinking about real important matters — like where to take my first camping trip of the year.