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Reflecting on Katrina

Imagine, being told to evacuate the city you live in and later finding out your home, your possessions and your job are all gone because of the destruction. Worse yet, imagine being one of those who were unable, or chose not to heed the evacuation warnings who are without drinking water, food, shelter or means of communicating to the outside world. Seeing the scenes left in Hurricane Katrina’s wake, I can’t begin to understand what the people there are going through.

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Edgewood Library website

Today the new website for the Oscar Rennebohm Library at Edgewood College was officially unveiled. It’s been a big project for me, one that had its beginning back when I was hired as the Web Services Librarian this past November.

Edgewood Library screenshot

A great deal of the design of the site was inspired by architectural elements of the library building. I created the header logo to mimic the window and roof lines of the building facade and the graphic at the footer on each page was inspired by the shape of the building. The official Edgewood colors were used (red and black) along with some shades of gray.

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Jon’s camping tips

Avoiding Crowds
Don’t camp on major summer holidays. I’ve had very good luck camping right after holidays. For example, arrive at your camping destination on Memorial Day (when everyone else is leaving) and then stay that week.

Getting Good Campsites
To get a good site it is most helpful to do your research. This is especially true of campgrounds you plan on visiting often. If I’m in a campground where I think I might be coming back, I’ll go through the park and make note of the best campsites. Then, the next time I go there I’ll know which sites to ask for. If you do this regularly, in a few years you’ll have a nice database of the best campsites from your favorite parks.

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Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

On August 5th, my parents (Lee and Wil Bloy) celebrated their 55th Wedding Anniversary. About a week before that, we took a few pictures to commemorate the occasion. I intended to post this sooner, but with the whole broken wrist incident, I completely forgot.

Lee and Wil Bloy

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!