Edgewood Library website

Today the new website for the Oscar Rennebohm Library at Edgewood College was officially unveiled. It’s been a big project for me, one that had its beginning back when I was hired as the Web Services Librarian this past November.

Edgewood Library screenshot

A great deal of the design of the site was inspired by architectural elements of the library building. I created the header logo to mimic the window and roof lines of the building facade and the graphic at the footer on each page was inspired by the shape of the building. The official Edgewood colors were used (red and black) along with some shades of gray.

As for the technical aspects of the site, the markup was done in XHTML (version 1.0, strict) and I used some of the most advanced Cascading Style Sheets I’ve ever used on a website. I am a big advocate for web standards and I stayed true to that philosophy when creating this site.

I also incorporated some ASP scripting into the website, which was a first for me. While I didn’t write the actual scripts used, I was fortunate to find some useful scripts which I altered (one with the help of Edgewood’s Network Administrator) and got to work well with the site. I’m looking forward to learning more ASP and incorporating more dynamically driven pages into the site in the future.

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