Monthly Archives: September 2005

Volleyball in the old barn

Yesterday, Dad and I went to the UW Volleyball match and watched the Badgers defeat Minnesota in an exciting contest. It was the first time I’ve seen Badger Volleyball in person. Those games are played in the UW Field House and it was great to be back in the old barn. Some of my favorite sports memories took place in the Field House — watching the men’s basketball games. When that place is packed, the band is playing, and the crowd is cheering along, you can feel the building vibrating along with the excitement.

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Them bones, them bones

It’s been six weeks since I broke my wrist (a distal radius fracture to be technical) and had surgery, and I’ve been told I’m coming along nicely. My physical therapist is putting me to work though, currently with all kinds of stretching exercises. With the trauma and immobilization, tendons in your wrist and fingers can really tighten up (take my word for it). Right now my injured wrist can bend vertically about 80 degrees. Compare that to how far your own wrist can bend.

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Twin Cinema by The New Pornographers

Since it was released a few weeks ago, many critics have been raving about The New Pornographers latest release, Twin Cinema. With so many positive reviews, I felt an obligation to go out and buy the CD, which is exactly what I did.

When I first listened to it, I wasn’t so sure I agreed with all those reviewers. Maybe because the band’s style, which isn’t so easily categorized, has to aurally ripen for a while to be appreciated. As I played the disc more, it really began to grow on me. After owning Twin Cinema for a few weeks it’s now the CD I can’t stop listening to.

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