A powerful truth

I just finished watching Al Gore’s movie, An Inconvenient Truth. I don’t care what your political mindset is, there is no way anyone can see this film and not agree that global warming is an urgent crisis we need to do something about. As the former Vice President says, this is not a political issue, it is a moral one. If the rise in carbon dioxide emissions continue to increase at an exponential rate, the planet’s temperature will rise along with it. Billions of people will suffer fates similar to the hundreds of thousands of Hurricane Katrina victims.

There were some real eye opening moments in the film. One in particular made me angry. Mr. Gore was convincingly illustrating the point that it’s a false choice when some say we can either fight against global warming, or have a strong economy. He displayed this graph:

Graph of fuel economy and GHG standards

(source: http://www.pewclimate.org/global-warming-in-depth/all_reports/fuel_economy/)

Look at the fuel economy standards for the United States! Japan and the European Union currently have almost double the MPG standards we do! Seeing that chart makes me embarrassed to be a U.S. citizen. Oh, and guess which automobile manufacturers makers are making the highest profits? The Japanese. The U.S. automakers have been experiencing the worst losses in the industry. Higher standards lead to innovation which leads to more sales, which makes the economy stronger.

Another eye opening point for me was that fact that we already have the means to combat this problem. It sounds simplistic, but if everyone did just little things (like use efficient compact florescent light bulbs, turn down the heat a degree or two, use less hot water) it actually can make big difference. It’s also so very important to let your representatives know how concerned you are about the rising levels of CO2, and the subsequent increases in global warming.

It was said in the film that future generations will see the state the planet is in and might very well ask, “Why didn’t they do something about this?”

Let’s do something now and eliminate the possibility of the question.

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  1. We’re trying to do some of the things in on that list, like switching to compact flourescents in the house. I’d like to think by leaving NoVA we’re helping to save the environment by not driving 70 miles per day 5 days a week.
    When the furnace was on its last legs we opted to spend the extra money to get the 96% efficient variable speed furnace which over its lifetime should save us a lot of money.
    Next, the windows….

  2. Thanks. What a lot of people don’t realize is an increase of just a few degrees in temperature can have many negative consequences, the above article being one example.

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