A rainy Sunday at the Cathedral

Dad came with me on my trip (he wanted to spend some time at the National Cathedral and the National Archives). It was good having a traveling companion along.

Washington National Cathedral

Sunday at the Cathedral was a very rainy one, so I only took a few pictures. I did like the way the water on the roof over the flying buttresses made them darker and more pronounced.

Washington National Cathedral

While out in the Bishop’s Garden, seeking shelter from the rain in the gazebo, I discovered this scene.

Washington National Cathedral through a gazebo arch

3 comments on “A rainy Sunday at the Cathedral

  1. Jon: Enjoyed all your posted photos from DC. Excellent! My favorites are – Washington Monument framed by tree branches is outstanding. Great photo. The depression line up of men at the FDR sight is good. But for me, the best are from the cathedral. Despite the rain you got superb shots. The one of the exterior south side nave is outstanding – the dark color from the soaking rain really makes the gablet roofs stand out.
    But the Gloria in Excelsis tower framed from the gazebo is the best. Thanks much for posting these and reminding me of the good days we had in D.C.

  2. Jon: I’ve spent a lot of time trying to capture the spirit of the National Cathedral and found that some of the side angles that showcase details or less-common viewpoints are my favorite. So you can imagine I was very taken with the view from the gazebo on an overcast day. I got here through Google, but looked around your photo blog to see what else you did. Great close-ups! The pine-cone spider was remarkable. Congrats for such great photos!

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