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  1. Great photos! You new camera is working well, but it can’t do it without the photographer. You have an excellent eye for what makes a good photo. I especially liked the contrast between what was in the shadows and what was in the light. Well done. enjoyable. It’s been a couple of years since
    we’ve been to Parfrey’s.

  2. It looks like a very interesting place. I can’t remember our being there and will have to ask Dad. I remember Natural Bridge State Park which is in that part of WI but don’t remember the Glen.

    We had a nice visit with Barb and Dennis. His two youngest girls were there and Dennis’ father joined us in the afternoon as one of the girls’ has a birthday this week {as does Adam}.
    Barb sent greetings. We had an early supper {spaghetti and linguini and birthday cake. We left about 5 and got home about 8:30. The traffic was bad in the morning and not good in the evening either ….lots of trucks.
    Neat pictures. We’ll have to go there again!

  3. Thanks for posting these. I was just there yesterday and it looks quite different. All the wooden planks are gone, so you hike across dirt paths and rocks. (I think the walkways were destroyed in the 2008 flood.)

  4. Thanks for the comment. I’ve been meaning to get back there since the flood to see the changes that happened. It’s a shame the boardwalk is gone.

  5. Randomly came across your website when I was looking for hikes to take at Devils Lake State Park. I’ve been to Parfrey’s Glen since the the 2008 flood and it’s still beautiful, although I had never visited before the floods. If you’re in the area again you should visit Pewitt’s Nest which is a another fantastic place for a short visit. I have some property in Northern Wisconsin in Manitowish Waters and I can’t believe that I’ve passed through this area so many times and never stopped to visit. I spent an hour reading through your blog posts and enjoyed seeing that other people besides myself enjoy the same places that I do, the porkies, copper falls, star lake, trout lake, the entire NHAL. There are so many other places you should visit when you’re “up north”, look for some of the hidden waterfalls in the UP, like Nelson Falls, Gabbro Falls, Powderhorn Falls, Yondata Falls, Kakabika, Cascade Falls (in the Trap Hills), some of the falls are small (Powderhorn) and some are huge (Gabbro). If you’re interested in more public spots, try Bond Falls, the Black River Scenic Byway,Agate Falls and right near the Crystal Lake Bike Trail is Fallison Lake Nature Trail (I enjoy this trail more than Star Lake and Trout Lake).

  6. Thanks for the tips on more places to check out, especially those “hidden” waterfalls, they all sound great. I don’t know much about the UP, I definitely need to explore that more. That Fallison Lake Nature trail is a gem isn’t it? I usually hike that at least once when I camp in the NHSF. I’m surprised I’ve never mentioned it here. I’ll have to highlight that trail in a post next summer.

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