The Nikon D40

Many years ago, I had a film single lens reflex camera. SLRs are great for their flexibility, allowing you to change lenses, add filters, and manually adjust settings. For a while now, I’ve been wishing for some of that flexibility in a digital camera, and have been thinking about buying a digital SLR. Early last month, a local camera store was having a sale on the Nikon D40 — a deal I couldn’t pass up.


The D40 is lightweight, yet feels very sturdy. It has a good grip and is very comfortable in your hands. The controls are easy to reach and manipulate. It’s got a large (2.5 inch) LCD monitor which is easy to see, even in bright light. The control menus displayed on the screen are also easy to use and understand.

Autumn Trees

The kit I bought came with two zoom lenses, one 18-55mm, and the other 55-200mm. Most of the reviews I’ve read have praised the high quality lenses that come with the Nikon D40.

Another positive I’ve read about is the long life of the camera’s lithium-ion battery. My experience is similar. I’ve taken about 325 pictures so far, and I’m still on my battery’s original charge.

Woodland Sunflower

The D40 is a 6.1 megapixel camera. I considered the D40X (which has a 10 MP sensor), but unless you’re planning on blowing up your images to poster size, that higher resolution isn’t necessary. And as photography experts have said, higher megapixels don’t necessarily mean better pictures. Also, the money I saved choosing the D40 allowed me to get the kit with the additional telephoto lens.

Autumn Trees

I’m having a lot of fun playing around with my Nikon D40. It’s easy to use, and (as I hope these photos show) takes great pictures. Highly recommended.

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  1. The flower pictures are great, Jon. Particularly the rose but the colored leaves are really outstanding. I couldn’t believe you took that many photos already with the new camera.Quite a change from the old film cameras where you had 36 or so.

  2. Jon: Great photos! Colors are especially sharp. Excellent purchase. See personal e-mail for further comments.

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