Now with photo zoom

For a while now, I’ve been looking for a decent method to display larger photos on this site (some pictures look so much better at larger sizes). I finally settled on Highslide JS, a very nice javascript thumbnail viewer. Just click on the photograph to zoom out to a larger version. It also lets you drag the larger image around, and open up multiple images at once. Pretty slick, huh?


I did go back and add larger versions to quite a few previously posted photos. Some of my favorites include the posts: North Woods Camping, The Butterfly and Aurora over Franklin. I’ll probably add more as time permits.

Since adding Highslide involved updating this site’s stylesheet, you might want to refresh the page to make sure you’re getting the new changes.

For you web geeks out there, Highslide will open the image to full size, or as large as will fit in the user’s browser window (the user can expand the photo to full size if they wish). The base script is fairly large (43k), but using the script’s configurator, and only adding the components I want, I got it down to about 17k (packed). I am running it in unobtrusive mode, which keeps the javascript and the markup separate. It also degrades nicely if javascript is turned off in the user’s browser.

Update: July 6, 2014

I’ve switched from Highslide to Lightbox, a script that I think works better.

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  1. Cool. Fun to enlarge, move your photos around . Can even do it while “listening” to UW beat Minnesota.

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