Monthly Archives: February 2009

Packing up and shoveling out

stack of boxes

In a little over two weeks, I’ll be moving to my new house. My condo is starting to resemble a warehouse with all the boxes around.

Moving is always a major pain. You’ve got to find good boxes, pack, change addresses, coordinate movers, have painful conversations with utilities, etc. One of the good things about it though is it forces you to go through your stuff and do some “shoveling out” as my father likes to call it. In the process of looking at things I’ve accumulated over the years, I’ve discovered there is a lot of unnecessary junk at my place. Some of it was still in boxes from the last time I moved. I seem to be especially fond of things that probably belong in an electronics museum. In one box (unopened since my last move), I found:

  • Sony walkman (yes, that’s for cassette tapes)
  • A plethora of 3.5 inch floppy disks
  • A zip drive and a dozen 100mb zip disks
  • Several computer mice
  • Two computer joysticks
  • Computer trackball
  • Backups for Windows 98 and Windows 95
  • Enough coaxial cable, telephone cable and speaker wire to span the City of Madison.

On the bright side, I found a small pocket am/fm radio which I thought I’d lost years ago. Maybe I should unpack the boxes a little sooner when I get to the new place?


As I went out the door to take out the trash tonight, the full moon was rising beautifully in the east.

full moon

I grabbed my camera and tripod, and this was the best shot I got. I can’t help but think how much better it would have been with a longer lens. Hmmm… I wonder what my tax refund will be this year?

Springsteen’s halftime show

Clarence Clemons and Bruce Springsteen in silhouette

I’ve posted before that sports and rock & roll don’t necessarily go well together. Having said that, Bruce Springsteen’s halftime performance was my favorite thing about yesterday’s big game.

Springsteen and his band are the quintessential showmen, even when they’re only playing for twelve minutes, they push it to the full limit.

And you’ve got to love that introduction…

I want you to step back from the guacamole dip. I want you to put the chicken fingers down, and turn your television all the way up!

Update: The NFL had YouTube remove the videos I was linking to. (Boo!) However, you can download bootlegs of the performance. T.U.B.E. has links to an audio bootleg of Bruce Springsteen’s halftime show as well as a video bootleg.