Sports, rock and roll

So it was about time for the evening news and I turned on the television. The first thing I saw was the Superbowl pregame show. Not a regular pregame show, but a hyped-up, rock and roll pregame show. At halftime there was another hyped-up, rock and roll show (and with the exposed breast incident, the hype continued long after the show was over).

Am I the only one who thinks these pregame and halftime shows are stupid? I like rock and roll a lot. I like watching football. But the only groups that should be playing music at a football game are marching bands.

During most time-outs at college basketball games I’ve been to, the pep band plays the school fight song, or another tune that keeps the crowd going and into the game. Once in a while (during a time-out) they’ll pipe in rock and roll music and have some girls perform a dance routine on the court. Now, I’m all for watching girls dancing, but during most of those time-outs, you can just feel the crowd settle down like a punctured tire.

Rock and roll music can be great. Sports can be great. Unfortunately, mixing them together dilutes the greatness.