Last farmers’ market of the season

Yesterday was the last (outdoor) farmers’ market of the season. It was such a nice day, I couldn’t pass up the chance to pick up some good food.

jam jars

When I saw these jam jars beautifully backlit by the morning sun, I was immediately glad I had my camera with me.

carnival squash

farmer selling squash

Another sign winter is coming: pine boughs hanging with the peppers on display.

hanging peppers


flavored vinegars

With the 60 degree (F) weather, the Dane County Farmers’ Market was as crowded as it is in late August.

crowded market

3 comments on “Last farmers’ market of the season

  1. Hi Jon! What are you doing for Thanksgiving? If you want to come to Mondovi you’re invited for Turkey and fixins’ here. Let me know. Great photos of farmers market! I love the jelly jars and the peppers and squash!

  2. You first photo is my favorite – like sun through stained glass windows – beautiful. And it’s truly the season for squash – so many kinds can’t remember the names of all. Thanks be to God for Farmer’s Market and all the goodies at our disposal.

  3. I should give credit where credit is due, Dad. You were the one who noticed those illuminated jars when we were there. Thanks for that, and the comment.

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