Evening scenes at High Cliff

Orange sunset sky over a lake, seen from the top of an observation tower with trees in the foreground.

I spent most of the past week camping at High Cliff State Park. Sure is good for my soul to get away and spend some extended time in nature.

Campfire burns inside a metal fire ring. Some sparks are shooting up and away from the flames.

Is there a better way to end a day than a beautiful sunset and campfire? All of those lake flies (the specks in the sky below) seemed to approve.

An orange sun glows just above the horizon, in between two silhouettes of trees. The lake under the sun reflects the orange color. There are many tiny spots in the sky (flies).

One comment on “Evening scenes at High Cliff

  1. What a gorgeous sunset. Dazzling colors. Like how you captured the reflection on the clouds.

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