Radio Paradise

I recently had the best musical discovery of the year. I realize 2005 is not even half over, but after listening to this discovery over the past week or two I have no doubt it will be my best of the year. No, it isn’t a new band, or a new CD. It’s Radio Paradise, an internet-based radio station.

Commercial free, Radio Paradise is completely listener supported and, in this listener’s humble opinion, very worthy of any support you can give it.

It reminds me of the old FM stations from the late 60’s, early 70’s, which would play an eclectic mix of album cuts, not just singles or hits. Browse through Radio Paradise’s current play list and you can see the outstanding mix of music Radio Paradise plays.

For me the best judge of a radio station is how many songs they play that I don’t like. According to my musical tastes, Radio Paradise’s signal to noise ratio is probably about 95%. Only on rare occasions have I wished there was a “skip to next song” button.

After Radio Paradise’s musical selection, the next best thing is its availability whenever I’m at the computer. I’ve especially enjoyed Radio Paradise when I’ve been at my desk at work. Having some good music to listen to sure makes the work (and the day) go faster.